Divine Protection in Everyday Life

Divine protection in our everyday life.  God says He will never leave us and protect us right? Sometimes when I read the Bible I have a tendency to see God in the Old Testament and leave Him there.  Yep. I can see Him there with Ezekiel and the falling fire, with Moses on the mountain, with Daniel in the lion’s den. But what about here in my little corner of the world?  Today…now…and then some days He just shows up and you KNOW you saw His Hand in your life.

It started out like an ordinary day. Get 2 kids off to school, hubby went to do work, and I went up to my office to play with my new music toy.  Got a new plug-in for the recording software I use.  So I kinda get lost in my own little world sometimes.  Does that happen to you?

Anyway, before I knew it, it was time to pick up kids and get ready for the big game. Both of my kids are in basketball, and last night my daughter Johnna had a game in Monroe, WI – a town about an hour west of here.  Got her on the bus, and then went home again.  When Bob got home the three of us got into our Toyota and started on our way.  It was about 4:30 or so, and soon it would be dark.

We made it to Orfordville, about half-way through our journey when it happened. Just went through a stop sign, driving west with a car in front of us and another behind us. He came from the right. A thicket of trees. A jumping 10 point buck. Yep, a deer hunters dream jumped right in front of us. Hit him straight on. Deer meets Toyota.  Bob hit the brakes. Big thud.

And then the moment when time freezes and you see God’s Divine Hand at work in your everyday life.

The deer jumped, then time was in slow motion.  Car hit him, the silver hood bent up like an accordion.  And I see this huuuuge deer slide up our windshield.  The antlers were right in Bobs face. I got the body and the legs. And I’m picturing this deer coming right through the windshield.  I saw the glass shatter in my mind.  But it didn’t happen.  The windshield did not break. I felt the presence of God on the inside of our car…and His Hands holding the windshield up.

And then time went back to normal. The deer went up and over our car, and into the ditch on the other side of the road. Bob pulled over, the car started smoking, and leaking fluids. But Bob, my son Adam and I were all fine.  No injuries. Called the Police, called the insurance, called the tow truck.

Bob went to check on the deer.  Nothing like trying to see in the dark with only a cell phone for a flashlight. The deer was still alive! When the Officer came he had to shoot him twice, he had 3 broken legs, and his antlers were half-broken off. That happened when he hit the windshield. Yeah, the one that didn’t break…

Our friend Jeff came to give us a ride home. An older man with a pickup stopped and asked to have the deer.  He said he was retired and lived right up the road.  No problem – it took 3 of the men to load it into the truck. Yep, big deer. But God is greater. And I know His Hands were our Divine Protection last night.

After we got home Bob told me that He had laid hands on our car two days earlier and asked God to protect his family in that car. The prayer of a righteous man avails much. God heard and God answered with Divine Protection in our everyday life.  Thank you Jesus!

Deer vs Toyota


Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and a Certified Peer Specialist. At her blog Prayers and Promises she shares from her heart on how to find hope in this crazy world!

14 thoughts on “Divine Protection in Everyday Life

  1. Oh, my goodness! What an ordeal. So, so thankful you’re ok. I often wonder what it would be like if we were able to pull back the veil and see the supernatural protection that covers us every day. I’m humbled just imagining it. XO!

  2. Praise the Lord and hallelujah! I’m so glad He was there with you and protected you all from harm!!!! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  3. Wow… Our favorite prayer works again!! Psalm 91 is so powerful. I praise God that you are all OK and His Hand of protection was over you all. I thank God that Bob is a righteous man who prays over His family. You are walking in Divine favor, my sister. May God pour His blessings onto you!

    1. Thank you Angel. I pray for a double portion for you my sister. You WILL see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

  4. Wow, what an awesome God we serve! I love that you shared that scripture in Psalms 91 that is the scripture that my husband and I read on this morning. Thanks for sharing this testimony. I rejoice with you and your family and thank God for his divine protection!!


    1. Thank you blessedart1111! I love when that happens. It just confirms the Word the God is speaking to ALL of His kids! God bless you and your family as well…

  5. Prayer are very powerful. Glad that everyone is safe. I think, the deer must have stopped you for what lies ahead. A kind of sacrificial lamb.

  6. I’m going to go make that same prayer before I get into my car. Thank you for sharing.

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