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Beware of liars, deceivers,
Pharisees and cheaters,
Identity thieves
trying to steal your grace.
They act all religious, can quote you all the lines.
But they stab you in the back each and every time.
They focus on the law, the ministry of death.
Never pointing to the grace Jesus died to give.
They’re Killers of the Spirit in whitewashed graves,
Hypocritical and counterfeit in their ways.
Just a ceremony to keep them on the throne.
They steal from the widows, ignore the fatherless.
A  great big show, cheap imitation of His grace.
Only feeding themselves, greedy with every breath.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, waiting to devour the flock.
You’ll know them by their fruits, False Prophets till the end.


Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and a Certified Peer Specialist. At her blog Prayers and Promises she shares from her heart on how to find hope in this crazy world!

9 thoughts on “Beware

    1. Thank you for stopping by today.

      I had to look that one up.

      Gen 49:27 “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf;
      In the morning he shall devour the prey,
      And at night he shall divide the spoil.”

      Yes, there will always be those who seek to destroy. But I believe what the Bible says, that Jesus came to give life, and give it more abundantly.

    1. Thank you Debbie, you know, the time is at hand. I can see it in the “urgency” you write with in your poetry. God bless you! Diana

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