A Constitutional lawyer has read the entire health care bill.

An eye opening post sharing what is really going on..


  1. I am saddened and concerned about what we are becoming as a nation.
    I pray that Jesus takes the reins, so that we ,each, get a crack at free will, again.
    I think the Constitution and its preamble are some of the most beautifully crafted and anointed writings I’ve ever read.

    I have no party affiliation. But if any politician acts against the outlines of what I believe to be God-inspired rules of governance,
    then I cannot endorse or support any such person(s).
    As for our president and our legislative and judicial branches of government I can only continue to pray for them, as individuals- children of God— who need a savior just like the rest of us. Please pray for the USA that the Lord would reignite a passion for Him and for freedom.


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