50 Shades of the Same Lie

Amen Pastor! Love is not bondage!


  1. Thank you, Diana, for sharing my post. Why is it important for us to speak out about these things? Because just this afternoon a 14-year-old girl on my bus implied, after finding out that I had not read the book, that it’s “not all about sex.” First, why was she reading it? Second, what damage has already been done?

    • It’s probably at the school library and easily accessible. I shudder every time I go look at the Young Adult section at our Public Library. So many books about witchcraft and so called “love” stories. God bless you for driving the bus and being a positive influence with God’s kids.

      And yes, damage is done. As a parent of teens this whole internet age makes safe boundaries difficult. With one click they enter into places we never had access to. Lord, help us shine on and teach all our kids what love is and what it isn’t.

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