180 degrees

180 degrees

Daily Prompt:

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

It’s funny how God can turn things around. The other morning my husband said this to me, “For someone who used to be stalked, you sure do have a lot of followers!” I thought it was hilarious, and so true!


I used to be a victim of domestic violence.
I used to be afraid to leave the house.
I used to be followed around.
I used to be afraid to answer my phone.
I used to be afraid to talk to anyone.
I used to look behind my shoulder everywhere I went.
I used to live in fear, every day.

That is when I swore to myself I would NEVER get married again.  I had a habit of getting involved with psychos.  Yep, very possessive, controlling, manipulating men.  Of course they didn’t start out that way. They sure were good talkers. Knew just what to say and when to say it.  I was deceived.

After the last divorce I took a year off from dating anyone.  That was a miracle because ever since I was a teenager I always had a boyfriend.  I have to say that was the healthiest thing I ever did for myself.  I went to counseling – by myself.  I went to church – by myself.  I went to the grocery store, and the mall, and a movie – by myself.

And for the first time I found out what I liked. And how I felt.  And what I believed in. I think I was an easy prey for the abusers in my life.  I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.  I had no opinion on anything.  I would agree with them just to avoid a fight. I would be whoever they wanted me to be.  It is funny, if I look back at old photos,  I became who I was dating. There is my “yuppie” pics, my “biker” pics, my “preppie” pics, etc.

Things are different today. I am free. I am safe. I started this blog on Jan 1st of thisfrom versifylife.com year, and there have been over 4200 visits from all over the world. I am humbled. I am grateful. I am blessed. Thank you Jesus for turning things around and giving me hope and a new life!

And followers are a good thing! That’s 180 degree change for me!

My Prayer for You:

Dear Lord,
I ask you to turn things around for whomever is reading this.  You are the King of Turnarounds and You can make ALL things work into something beautiful.   Give us beautiful things for the ashes in our lives, Lord, in Jesus Name.
The song I have been hearing and seeing all week is
 “Beautiful Things” by Gungor.


Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and a Certified Peer Specialist. At her blog Prayers and Promises she shares from her heart on how to find hope in this crazy world!

11 thoughts on “180 degrees

  1. Diana, this is so encouraging as I presently pray for a close friend in recovery from a long abusive relationship and for a teenager who was bullied. He is our hope!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. After I was recently reborn of Spirit (November 2013) a friend who has a close relationship with the LORD told me that He told her that I’d let myself be raped by Satan all these years. That rather blunt assessment does not feel untrue. But He also told her that I’m HIS woman now, and that I am protected and provided for. And that feels true as well! I am not afraid anymore. God bless and keep up the writing and talking directly to your Savior.

    1. Wow, that is kinda creepy, but it does ring true. I felt like I slept with the Enemy for many years. I know that the Enemy uses people, and that these men were just pawns sent to devour, kill, and destroy me. I am grateful that they did not succeed, as greater is He who is in me, then He who is in the world. Yes, I may have gotten a few battle scars, but God’s plans for you and for me are much greater than any enemy. Thank you Jesus!

  3. I loved this so much! Only Jesus can help us do these kind of 180’s! God bless you and bring you even more followers!

  4. That’s a great 180. Discovering who we are minus the expectations and fingerprints of others is such a gift (and a God given right, I believe). This is an important message for any person, but teenage girls come to mind mostly. Those were the most insecure, impressionable times, and unfortunately I was too broken to discover who I was. Thanks to God, he never gave up, and my 180 came 7 years ago when I jumped off the cliff of addiction and chose to face my childhood trauma and source of my PTSD. It’s been a wild ride of recovery, but I’m a firm believer that my life started when I turned 40.

    180’s are great. Thanks for sharing yours. And thanks for the beautiful prayer at the end of your post.

    1. Thank you for sharing your journey as well. You give us faith and hope that all things are possible with our God! Happy new life beautiful!

  5. I am very glad to be one of those followers of your blog. I love your response to this prompt… the best 180 degree change I do believe I’ve read about!

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