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Secret Angel Ministry

About a 6-8 months ago I had the pleasure to meet Secret Angel on WordPress.  We connected through our blogs.  Yet God always has a bigger plan doesn’t He?  Angel and I have similar pasts and she is an amazing woman with an amazing testimony. Today is her book release of THE WALKING WOUNDED.  I had the pleasure of reading her book and I highly recommend it. It is available for purchase today – her eBook is only $10!  Click on the image above and get your copy today!

Here is my Review:

Diana Rasmussen of Prayers and Promises: Worship Leader, Faith Builder, and Recording Artist

Secret Angel’s book “THE WALKING WOUNDED” has helped me to heal.  I read her poem on WordPress and it touched me right away.



After reading her book, I can truly say that God is still in control, and He makes ways where there were no ways.  I found myself diving in to read chapter after chapter. And then I would have to stop and receive the healing that God put in her words.  Angel is so honest, so truthful about what if feels like to live in abuse.  She shares with such passion and emotion what really goes on behind closed doors with an Abuser. There were many times I just stopped reading and cried – for me and for her.

Angel also shares how God directed her every move to stay safe and get out.  Provision, protection, and deliverance – are all in her book.  Her story is an amazing testimony of what God can do when we cry out to him for help.  It touched my heart and gives me hope for the many, many women she will help set free.  I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is or knows someone in an abusive relationship.  There is healing here!

Secret Angel and I collaborated and released the song “WALKING WOUNDED” based on her poem. It is available at CDBaby and Amazon.

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Here is the song we did together:

Walking Wounded

©2013 Words By Secret Angel & Music by Diana Rasmussen

Mixed/Mastered by Chameleon

Verbal abuse, he thinks its ok;
So destructive, done everyday.
He tears me down, to a point so low.
Fear sets in, I’ve no place to go.

So much hurt. So much pain.
“Walking Wounded”, that’s my name.
Hidden deep, where no one sees,
Scars of abuse, but who’d believe?

Behind closed doors, the truth’s exposed.
His attacks, where no one knows.
The wounds are real, but he’d deny.
And I’m too scared, to testify.

So much hurt. So much pain.
“Walking Wounded”, that’s my name.
Hidden deep, where no one sees,
Scars of abuse, but who’d believe?

His words are swords, they cut so deep.
But God sees all, and He can heal.

So much hurt. So much pain.
“Walking Wounded”, that’s my name.
Hidden deep, where no one sees,
Scars of abuse, but who’d believe?

Walking wounded, walking wounded, walking wounded.


released 20 August 2013
© 2013 Words by Secret Angel
©2013 Music/Vocals by Diana Rasmussen
Mixed/Mastered by Chameleon
UPC at CD Baby 888174208763
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  2. Reblogged this on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel and commented:
    The Walking Wounded and Walking Wounded, the Song are both dedicated to victims of abuse. God sees the hidden wounds inflicted upon all of us from the abuses of our pasts. He wants to bring healing and deliverance to all. Please join me in prayer for all victims of abuse around the world.
    “Secret Angel”

  3. Wow… Diana, the tears just flow as I read your posting. Thank you for your endorsement of my book. God has blessed me by bringing you into my life and I stand with you as we both reach out to help those who are broken from the abuses of this world and to help them to overcome as we have. God is raising His Army and we march forth together, my sister!!! Thanks for everything and may God pour out His blessing onto you!!

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