The Spirit is Calling; DP Challenge 2AM Photo

Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.

Ok, so I’m off by an hour, but how funny is this?  I did get a ‘phone call’ last night at around 3 am. Only it wasn’t from earth, it was a heavenly calling.   I felt the Spirit ask me to pray. This has happened more than once this past month.

So, I got out of bed and went downstairs.  I sat on the couch for a bit, prayed in tongues for maybe 10-15 minutes, and then grabbed a blanket and went back to sleep on the couch.  When I pray in the Spirit like that I don’t always know what God is using me for.  That’s OK, I trust Him  

Then when I woke up again around 6:00 am I heard The Spirit say, “Can you not stay awake for one hour to pray?” The picture on my phone was of Jesus praying in the Garden. Ouch, sometimes the truth hurts.

Has this ever happened to you?  I have a lot more to learn about this intercessory praying. Help me Lord.

Please feel free to add a comment and share what you have learned…
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13 thoughts on “The Spirit is Calling; DP Challenge 2AM Photo

  1. I wonder what it is about the 3:00am hour? That seems to be a recurrent time that the Lord calls His warriors to pray… Perhaps because it’s in the darkest part of the night that the enemy does most of his work… or perhaps, it’s because that’s when people are at their weakest, as their defenses are down, and sleep beckons them, it allows for evil to slither about without being seen… At any rate, when the Lord calls us to awaken and pray, we don’t need to know why or what to pray. He will give us the words, and when we don’t know how to pray, Holy Spirit will step in and pray for us in groans too deep for understanding.

    With my health and everything else that have gone on in my life here of late, I’ve neglected this important calling… Hear my cries, Lord, and awaken me to cry out on behalf of Your children…

    Many blessings Diana, as you continue to heed your Savior’s call.


  2. I don’t sleep well at all. But I have noticed 3am is a popular time to be woken up 🙂 It happens to me a lot but instead of interceding I usually wake up fighting the enemy. No wonder I’m so tired during the day. Bless you Princess!

  3. This happens to me often. Sometimes I am “Impressed” to know who I am praying for, other times not. That’s when I just try to go through my prayer list and mention everyone’s name to the Lord. Sometimes I never know who needed prayer, other times a friend or relative will tell me about a strange experience they had around the time I prayed. I think if you are open for God to use you this way, you will quickly learn more about it from Him.

  4. Great post…

    I get promptings quite often. A feeling, a sense, a tug – that’s the best I can describe it. I will usually reach out to the person who comes to mind, and more often than not, there’s something big happening in his/her life at that very moment.

    Sometimes I feel like I have a ‘knowing’ about a situation. Many times it’s based on something very bad, which I don’t want to see. It ends up happening and I wonder if I was supposed to pray or just know about it.

    I had an experience just before my best friend was killed by a drunk driver. I write about it in my blog post entitled, “Grief is a funny thing.”

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep praying. We have no idea what’s really happening around us.

    1. My story is a bit of both, thanks for asking. I really did wake up and pray last night at 3am. And this is happening more and more. But I didn’t need the phone; I really dont know whether it was glowing or not. In fact I left it upstairs.

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