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Fun in the Son

Let’s have fun today- fun in the Son! Jesus brings joy! The joy of the Lord is our strength.  God sings over us – let’s sing with Him today. And enjoy the journey!

But unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and gambol like calves [released] from the stall and leap for joy. (Malachi 4:2 AMP)

Now these are the last words of David: David son of Jesse says, and the man who was raised on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, says,
The Spirit of the Lord spoke in and by me, and His word was upon my tongue.
The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me, When one rules over men righteously, ruling in the fear of God, He dawns on them like the morning light when the sun rises on a cloudless morning, when the tender grass springs out of the earth through clear shining after rain. (2 Samuel 23:1-4 AMP)

 From the rising of the sun to the going down of it and from east to west, the name of the Lord is to be praised! (Psalm 113:3 AMP)

The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and calls the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. (Psalm 50:1 AMP)


When on the road at midday, O king, I saw a light from heaven surpassing the brightness of the sun, flashing about me and those who were traveling with me.

And when we had all fallen to the ground, I heard a voice in the Hebrew tongue saying to me, Saul, Saul, why do you continue to persecute Me [to harass and trouble and molest Me]? It is dangerous and turns out badly for you to keep kicking against the goads [to keep offering vain and perilous resistance].

And I said, Who are You, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus, Whom you are persecuting. (Acts 26:13- 15 AMP)

“Theater Take-Over” Campaign for Son of God Movie

My friend t told me about this today. The Good news of Jesus is coming to the big screen with the “Son of God” movie. Pray with me that the love of God would touch millions with this movie, in Jesus Name!

Here is the Official Trailer:

And here is more info:

“Church Leaders Launch National “Theater Take-Over” Campaign for Son of God Movie”

Church Leaders Launch National “Theater Take-Over” Campaign for Son of God Movie (via PR Newswire)

Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Archbishop Jose Gomez, Craig Groeschel, Miles McPherson and Ray Johnston Among Pastors Promoting Mark Burnett/Roma Downey Feature Film Movie Will Play on Every Screen in a Variety of Multiplexes Nationwide Feb. 27 Rare Phenomenon…

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