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STAND Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen, Dedicated to Bob https://soundcloud.com/diana-rasmussen-music/stand When the money’s gone and the bills come in When the sky turns black lightning, thundering When our friends or family betray We’re gonna forgive them anyway   We’re gonna get through this We’ve been through a whole lot worse We’re gonna get through this Dig…

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Good versus Evil

“Satan and his demons are known by the discord they promote, the wars they start, the hatred they engender, the murders they initiate, the opposition to God and His commandments. They are dedicated to the spirit of destruction … In his warfare against God, Satan uses the human race, which God created and loved. So…

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Not Good Enough?

I am still searching out this guilt, shame, condemnation, freedom, righteousness, grace thing. Can I tell you I am still learning this whole “God” thing, what He really says, and what He really means. This post helped me a lot today: Is the Holy Spirit really the “Fault Finder” or Accuser of Brethren? I woke up…

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