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Hey Mom, I’m Home

“Hey mom, I’m home”. The Prodigal Daughter walks into the door of the old familiar farmhouse. The smell of turkey and stuffing envelopes her like an old quilt. So many pieces of her past flood over her as she walks in the door. There’s the old wood cook stove that used to be the place where she placed the baby chickens when they came in the funny box. And the stove where she used to help her mom can all those tomatoes and pickles. In the corner was the old wood burning fireplace. Man, how many mornings did she and her sister and brother sit in front of that fire in their footie pajamas?

She breathes in and exhales as all the stress of the past year leaves her body. Her body relaxes as she sits down in the old rocking chair. “This is the chair you rocked me in, isn’t it mom?” Mom says, “Yes, and all your babies too!”

Memories flood her mind as she closes her eyes and rocks. “Man, I can’t believe I made it back here. I really didn’t think I would mom.” Mom, with her infinite wisdom, comes up beside her and puts her hand on her shoulder. “Sweetie, I knew you would come through those doors one of these days. This is your home. Besides my love for you never stopped. I love you when you are here and when you are not. And every day I prayed for you to come home. God is way bigger than our plans baby.”

The tears ran down her cheeks as she finally got it. Love. She had ran away years ago in search of it. Determined to find it like a buried treasure she searched for it in all the wrong places. Love wasn’t in people or places or things. It wasn’t based on what she did or what she didn’t do. It wasn’t found in where she went, or who she slept with.

Love was like the fragrance that welcomed her home. It was everywhere. She just had to breathe it in. It was there. It enveloped her with peace. It held her in the night. It rocked with her in the chair. It led her out of the darkness and back home. It was God.

God is the love that lives in prayers.



This his is my response to the Daily Post:


Is there someone who helped you along the way without even realizing it? Here’s your chance to express your belated gratitude.

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That Old Rocking Chair

Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

That Old Rocking Chair

© 2013 By Diana Rasmussen

It was an old farmhouse with a wrap around deck
A circle driveway, squeaky front door
And oh, the stories Mama told
When she sat in that old rocking chair


She rocked back and forth with every word
Drinkin’ a glass of pink lemonade
Lookin’ outside she passed time away
with her stories of “Remember When?”


Stories of yesterday, moments frozen in time
marked the road she had traveled
The good and the bad, the happy the sad,
lessons she’d learned on the way


She’d reminisce about days gone by
and how different things are today
Mama’s stories would mark the years
Sittin’ in that old rocking chair


In the middle of a thunderstorm,
she’d bring us out on the porch
point at the lightning, laugh at the thunder
and tell us a story or two


Sitting in that old rocking chair
where every Mama is a Princess
and every Daddy’s a Superhero
who rides in to save the day


Mama sold the farm when us kids moved out
There was only one thing that I asked for
That old rocking chair marked my growing up years
With stories from yesterday