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Becoming a Woman of Courage

There is peace in salvation. There is peace in Jesus. There is forgiveness and rest in the Lord. But, may I be so bold – now what? We have been transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness and brought into the Kingdom of Light. Can I ask, “What do we do now?” “For He has rescued…

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The Mother With One Eye

As many of you know, My oldest daughter is getting married this weekend, so I may be reblogging some of  your posts for the next few days. Thank you all for your prayers during this time. I am excited and calm – way better than a month ago when I was complaining about having to…

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My Precious Child

MY PRECIOUS CHILD  (Paraphrased from Isaiah 49, 51, 54 AMP) ©2013 by Diana Rasmussen My precious child,  I have not forgotten you. Can a mother forget her own child? Walk away from the baby she bore? Though she may forget, I will never forget you. I have you engraved on the palms of My Hands.…

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