Sometimes You Have to be Your Own Advocate for Your Healthcare

I admit it. I am a naive patient. I have gone to the same Dr in the same clininc for years. When a problem arose I trusted the Dr to refer me to the specialist and assumed they were talking to each other for my best healthcare. I have learned this is not always the case. Sometimes, you have to be your own advocate for your Healthcare.

I have learned this last year that once a Dr sends you off to the specialist, they do not always follow through. They assume the specialist will do what they are supposed to do and they don’t have to deal with it. Then, when more specialists get involved, I thought they would all talk to each other. Not true.

This past year I have seen my Primary Dr, a Neurologist, an Orthopaedic Dr, a Neuropsychiatirst, a Physical Therapist, and an Occupational Therapist. Yeah, it’s been a year.

My eyes were opened when my Physical Therapist, whom I had been seeing for 3 months, twice a week, made it a point to write a special letter to the Neurologist #1 explaining my issues and the difficulties I was having. She shared how my progress was deteriorating and she needed direction on what exercieses I should do next and what Diagnosis the Neurologist would give me regarding these tremors/seizures.

When I went to the Neurologist #1, I asked him about the note from my Physical Therapist. He did not ever read it. I fired him. That is just wrong. So then I went to Neurologist #2. I asked my Physical Therapist to send him the same letter explaining my struggles. She did. Guess what? When I got to Neurologist #2 he had not ever read it either!

Ugggh. Really? So they send me here, there, and everywhere and they are so important that they will not even read what their supposed partners have found? It is so frustrating!

That is when I decided I have to own my treatment and my own healthcare. Yes, they are the Doctors, but many times they are only interested in their own findings and don’t look at me as a whole person.

After 4 MRI’s Neurologist #2 says that I don’t have any lesions on my brain or spinal cord, so there is nothing else he can do for me. He sends me to the Neuropsychiatrst. Pass the buck here. No, that is me, I am the patient.

I have been going to this Neuoropshychaitrist for 3 months now. The seizures are getting worse with FND ( Functional Neurological Disorder) and I am getting more frustrated.

My friend Laura suggested I get referred to another clinic that was associated with a large hospital in our area, UW-Madison. Thank you Laura! I sent a note to my Primary Doctor and she finally referred me to this other place, out of their network, and I will see Neurologist #3 here shortly.

I guess I share this with you because I learned that I can’t believe everything that a Doctor tells me. I have to OWN my health and my healthcare. I was told I would have this FND forever and there is no cure, just live with it. Ummmm – NO! I do not accept that.

Jesus died so I did not have to carry this illness, by HIS stripes I AM healed. And if one clinic is not going to help me get there, then I’ll go to the next one. God has given Doctors the gift of medicine just like Luke. Healing is from God, and sometimes He uses Doctors to administer it. I refuse to belive that there is no cure for this. I refuse to believe that I will be this way forever!

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise.” – Jeremiah 17:14

What about you? Have you ever had to change Doctors or Clinics?

God with us



  1. You need a functional medicine doctor. Just finished watching a series where this condition was healed through diet and nutritional supplements. I am planning to upload my recordings to my mediafire account. If you would like a link email me privately Copyright issues involved in sharing publicly. Father has already given us everything we need. We just need to dig out the information.

  2. In the health struggles I have faced I have learned one thing repeatedly: He is the Great Physician. There is no equal. The human knowledge our doctors have came from each other and guess who? Yep, God Himself. I was knit, created, made in His image and over and over again I’ve seen that honestly no test shows what He knows. Instead of my frustration, which never works together with faith,I have chosen to ask an important question: what is my source? Who is my constant supply in every situation? Either I trust Him or I do not. I encourage you to pick up your sword and fight with it. Make sure your words match His. Remember that it is finished…faith occurs when we don’t yet see the finished product. Don’t give up. May the winds of God blow on your situation and just like the Israelites walked through the sea (they weren’t delivered from the obstacle but God turned it into a dry ground passible route that looked daunting on either side) when you get on the other side you’ll see your enemy swallowed never to haunt you again. Ex 14

  3. Taking initiative for your own health is crucial as doctors can sometimes be callous. And asking informed and pointed questions is important too.
    Praying for you 🙏🏼

  4. Dianna,
    I can very much relate.
    Years ago Dr’s “diagnosed” me with asthma – starting me on inhalers.

    When that did little good, after a “scope” of my stomach they placed me on a trial run of one of “those acid blockers”…I had a severe reaction 3 days later.
    I shared this story years ago on my blog but after the reaction to the acid blocker I asked my primary for other options since “traditional” methods, weren’t cutting it as far as I was concerned.

    At that point she suggested I go Gluten Free since gluten can exacerbate acid reflux. I had been simultaneously “diagnosed” as Hashimoto’s + with elevated antibodies.

    Nearly 5 years later and at my appointment this past spring she indicated my Hashimoto’s is now controlled as are the antibodies.

    Doctors can be a guide for us and can provide direction but we need to recognize they are human and still need God’s wisdom.

    • Very well said my friend. I too am fed up with traditional medicine. I may try the gluten free, thanks for your insight and experience!

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