Melt My Hard Head

Isaiah 46:4  - Mike Evans
Isaiah 46:4 – Mike Evans (Photo credit: drmikeevans)

Are you a hard head? Stubborn? Set in your ways? Inflexible? How do you feel about change? Or trying new things? I always thought I was pretty easy going. Adaptable, sometimes a regular chameleon. Hahahaha! I got hit in the head with a snowball today when I read this today! Perhaps it is not so much about how I feel but more about how God feels. And He is more than able to do what he says.

Hallelujah, GOD is ready to help us!

Are you ready to let him? (Ouch, yep…)


This Is Serious Business, Rebels

The god Bel falls down, god Nebo slumps.
The no-god hunks of wood are loaded on mules
And have to be hauled off,
wearing out the poor mules—
Dead weight, burdens who can’t bear burdens,
hauled off to captivity.

“Listen to me, family of Jacob,
everyone that’s left of the family of Israel.
I’ve been carrying you on my back
from the day you were born,
And I’ll keep on carrying you when you’re old.
I’ll be there, bearing you when you’re old and gray.
I’ve done it and will keep on doing it,
carrying you on my back, saving you.

“So to whom will you compare me, the Incomparable?
Can you picture me without reducing me?
People with a lot of money
hire craftsmen to make them gods.
The artisan delivers the god,
and they kneel and worship it!
They carry it around in holy parades,
then take it home and put it on a shelf.
And there it sits, day in and day out,
a dependable god, always right where you put it.
Say anything you want to it, it never talks back.
Of course, it never does anything either!

“Think about this. Wrap your minds around it.
This is serious business, rebels. Take it to heart.
Remember your history,
your long and rich history.
I am God, the only God you’ve had or ever will have—
incomparable, irreplaceable—
From the very beginning
telling you what the ending will be,
All along letting you in
on what is going to happen,
Assuring you, ‘I’m in this for the long haul,
I’ll do exactly what I set out to do,’
Calling that eagle, Cyrus, out of the east,
from a far country the man I chose to help me.
I’ve said it, and I’ll most certainly do it.
I’ve planned it, so it’s as good as done.

“Now listen to me:
You’re a hardheaded bunch and hard to help.
I’m ready to help you right now.
Deliverance is not a long-range plan.
Salvation isn’t on hold.
I’m putting salvation to work in Zion now,
and glory in Israel.” (Isaiah 46:1-13 MSG)


Dear Lord,

I thank you for continuing to reveal more and more of yourself to us. You are so spot on Lord. I admit it, I sometimes let my hard head get in the way. Being stubborn and inflexible hurts. You are the ROCK God, not me. Forgive me Lord. Let 2014 be the year you melt my hard head, just like you melt the snow. Change my heart, and my hard head, and give me that new heart, the one that is soft and open towards you, in Jesus Name.

The Message (MSG)
Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

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  1. Good evening sister.

    It was through the furnace that Jehovah blessed me that He burned these off of me and I am so very grateful that He did.

    God bless you with wisdom, grace and meekness

    • Oh yeah, the furnace of affliction. Guess that’s the only way to get rid of this junk huh? Yet I see a Door of Hope for us hallelujah! Thank you for your insight and God bless you too Ropheka

  2. I’m looking at getting a version that has the NIV and The Message side-by-side…not sure about that though.
    LOL on the ‘related’ thing. I was just thinking about that yesterday. Heaven is going to be so cool. We won’t have any distance between us. We’re gonna have us some fun. Think of all the friends you’ve made on your blog, on CCMNI etc. I’ll have to wait in line just to talk to you!!


  3. It’s as though you wrote this just for me.
    I repent of speaking out of anger and being too quick to speak and too slow to listen.

    Was this passage taken from the new Message Bible that I’ve been reading about?
    I’ve read reviews that say it’s too hard to quote, because it reads like a book. Then other reviews say there is a newer version that includes chapter and verse.

    I want to get one. It would be such a great teaching tool for my kids.
    And BTW: I would say you are one of the easiest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
    Just sayin :))!!


    • We are sooooo related t! I like The Message too. Its more of a paraphrase version. I got one for my kids. And I like the way it reads like a book…a love story…thank u t 😉

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