Let These Dead Bones Live – Part 2

Well, let’s finish our story shall we? I mean, we can’t stay in this valley forever, lol!  Here is the beginning of the story: Let These Dead Bones Live – Part 1

Our narrator and teacher is Pastor Derek Smith from England. He was preaching at Life Church in Roscoe, IL. My husband Bob listens to these sermons all the time. I have to say Pastor Kevin is a Shepherd who knows how to feed, inspire, and challenge his sheep. This sermon THRIVING IN A MOMENT CALLED NOW is a life changer. Yes!!!Pastor Derek Smith

God knows why you are in the valley. He wants us to learn and know new things that we can only learn in the valley.  Here are a few things we tell ourselves when we ‘spiritualize’ things:

“That’s what God wants.”

“I just want enough for me and family.”

“It’s my thorn in the flesh.”

“It’s just what God has for me.”

But God didn’t say any of that. God put us there – but He does NOT want us to stay in the valley.  This valley is not our home.

The real question that we need to ask ourselves is the message.

  • Can the dryness that you face change?
  • Can you live?
  • Can those kids live?
  • Can your finances live?
  • Can your disappointment live?

God says – prophesy to the bones. Prophesy is speaking truth in any given context.  We are not called to see things as they are. Life is not see it as it is.  We We are called to see things that are not as if they are.  If we keep saying what we see with our eyes nothing will change.

The currency of Heaven is FAITH!

Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God.

God doesn’t respond to NEED, He responds to FAITH.

Walk back and forth through your experiences and prophesy to the bones. We need to stop waiting for God to do something. God did what He needed to do. Now it’s our turn. God is waiting for us!  Use the WORD – speak it. Speak what you want to see. Make the invisible become visible in your life today.

What do you say to a bone? It’s dead. God tells Ezekiel to “Hear the Word of the Lord.”

So what does Zeke say? “Dry bones hear the Word of the Lord.”

God says to keep going and speak it again.  “Dry bones – hear the Word of the Lord – LIVE.”

“You dead, dry stinking bones YOU NEED TO HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD. You need to hear the word of the LORD!”

You can stay in the valley as long as you want it. Then length of time that we are in the valley is not determined by God. It is determined by us. We can prophesy our way out. Let us prophesy over our kids, our homes, our families. We need to speak to our own situation.

Stop talking about death and talk about life.

Stop talking about sickness and start talking about the healing that God is bringing you.

Stop talking about your lack and start talking about how God has provided for you.

We need to change our vocabulary.

Walk through your world and say, “Dry bones hear the Word of the Lord”

There is no recession in Heaven. Start to prophesy to your circumstances. Prophesy over your children’s rooms when they are sleeping or not there. For example, you could say “As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord. You may be shooting heroin in your veins rightnow, but you are coming back to the Lord. I dedicated you to Him – you are His. You may have your own little wobble now, but God is able to keep you. ”

So Zeke prophesies and then there was a noise and the bones started to rattle! Let us not stop here. Most of the church settles for so much less than what God wants. Keep going. Stop settling. We believe in resurrection. the resurrection of our finances, of our families, of our children, of our marriages, of our buildings, cities, nation!  Keep going! Keep speaking. God will bring you out, but on the confession of your own lips.  You have to speak it out. Dry bones hear the Word of the Lord!

You can win where you lost. The Kingdom of God transforms things. At the end of the chapter there is no more dry bones – there was a full living army.

The Kingdom message is not about how to get to Heaven.

It’s bringing Heaven to Earth!











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