It’s Still Monday – Part 2

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Computer is still backing up, we are at a whopping 34% after running all day, Yipee!  Not a speedy process I guess.  Get to practice my patience.

So, onto Part 2.  Thought I’d be healthy for dinner, went to the store and got stuff for a strawberry chicken almond salad.  Put the crispy chicken in the oven on a brand new cookie sheet. I like new cookie sheets, they are so shiny and only took me 5 years to buy them!  Yep, had to ditch some of the old black ones…

Back to the chicken, so after about 15 minutes I pull the chicken out of the oven to flip it over.  Dang, where’s that spatula?  Turn for a minute to go get it.

CRASH! BANG!!!!  What is that?

I turn around and my brand new cookie sheet had slid right off the top of the stove and directly in the garbage can!  And there’s $10 in chicken, in the garbage and on the floor…

ok, so I start laughing, and my husband asks, “what’s up?”  I show him, and for a second there is that thought….

hmmm, it’s a new bag….

do you pick it up and dust it off????


took the kids to Culver’s,

doggie gets chicken tonight!


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