Back to School with Albert Einstein

In honor of all the  kids going back to school today I made this video. For my kids, for my Sunday School kids, for all the awesome friends my kids have, and all of you:  I pray God’s abundant blessings and favor upon each of you this year. May it be absolutely fantastic! And hey, why not Albert Einstein – God made and used him too!




Albert Einstein 2


  1. I love this video, you did a beautiful job, and that music is heavenly :). Now as an educator I just can’t stop myself from commenting. The first quote about genius and living your life feeling stupid – he should know, he failed high school algebra. I on the other hand dropped it before I failed. Goes to show, not everyone, actually a only a few fit into today’s educational framework. The next “education isn’t learning facts but training the mind to think”. After spending all my time so closely with a young child – birth to now preschool – we are born to think, I’ve seen him from only a few months old thinking things thru, he is a natural learner. Wants to learn everything and takes every opportunity to do so. And I as his teacher attempt to find many new ways for him to thrive. I see him and I’m convinced we are born knowing how to thing. The modern education system with teaching to the standardized test robs us of that natural ability – thinking.

    thanks for reminding me of my job – not to teach, impart facts – but to provide opportunities to facilitating thinking and imagination full of fun and play.

    when I lost my teaching job in 2006 I thought I’d never teach again. God restored my love of teaching and who I am – a teacher. Praise Jesus, nothing is over when he’s in charge.

    • Amen Ana, you give me such hope. I too worked in the School District. I agree with you 100%, we are teaching our kids too many facts and figures that really don’t matter in the long run. With you I pray for change, our kids deserve more! And yes, you are a teacher, your blogs testify to all the special gifts God has given you to share with us. I am so blessed that we have met. Love and hugs girl, Diana

      • Thanks Diana. You’ve been a blessing to me as well. Your music is captivating. I took a class last month about alternative types of learning. It’s good to know that there are many out there trying to change things, I’d sure like to be part of the movement. I don’t know what it’s like in the rest of the country but crimes against kids, schools locked down, weapons in schools, etc is on the news at least weekly – Kai will definitely be homeschooled even though it means giving up my dreams. It’s all in God’s hands, especially the opportunity to raise this little boy to be a man after God’s own heart.

        • I feel like mom, but I’m actually Gramma. I wanted so much to be a stay at home mom but divorce when my girls were 13 mo killed that dream. God restores all. Kai is my second chance, I’m a stay at home gramma.

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