The Enemy is Under Our Feet

The Enemy is Under Our Feet

~Copyright 2016 Diana Rasmussen~



Submit yourselves to God

Resist the Devil

and he’ll flee from you

Jesus is above all powers and principalities

The Name above all names

Exalted to the Highest Place

He carried our sins and sickness away

At the Cross of Calvary

Christ’s victory is our victory

We’re seated with Christ in Heavenly places

Far above all principalities and all powers of darkness

We are above and not beneath

The enemy is under our feet



God, Who is our peace, will soon crush Satan under your feet. May the loving-favor of our Lord Jesus be yours.
 -Romans 16:20 NLV


  1. Hello Diana,
    When I left the above comment I was at the Reader. Then I noticed your copyright symbol and realised that there must be more to the post than I was seeing, so clicked to bring me to your site. I’m so glad I did! Thanks for your poetic reminder that we are victorious through Christ, that all principalities and powers are subject unto him and that the Enemy is under our feet. I have not heard that song for a long time and enjoyed singling along and reinforcing the truth of this spiritual reality in my heart at the same time.
    Excellent post. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed and victorious week ahead.

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful image! The verse quoted is one of my favourites given to me by the Lord.
    Indeed, the Enemy is under my feet, your feet, under the feet of every single member of the Body of Christ.
    Lord Jesus, help us to remember and walk in the reality of this day by day. Amen.

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