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Snow White Darkness– Smothered by Control 

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Book DescriptionSnow White Darkness

January 28, 2014

Smothered by control, she runs to hide and locks herself behind the door. She starts rocking herself on the cold bathroom floor as she lays her secrets out like rock hard stones. He is outside the door pounding his fists quoting his Bible. He screams, “You must obey!” She grabs the razor at the side of the tub, then looks away. Diana Rasmussen takes you behind the locked door to see what it’s really like when you live in domestic violence. As a survivor she fought for her and her children’s freedom and won. Theses poems are from her private journals and many have become songs. Fans have called her words “haunting, powerful, and edgy”. See for yourself, and come into her nightmare in SNOW WHITE DARKNESS.
From the Author
These words were what I wrote in my journals when I was living in abuse.  I never really thought I would share them with anyone.  They were my release, my prayer for things to change. Writing out my feelings helped me to heal.  Sharing them with you is special. You are special. Even if the Abuser in your life doesn’t think so.  Or say so.  You are not the names they called you. You are not crazy.
I pray that you might find hope and healing in my journey, and come out of the darkness of abuse. You can make a new choice – and live in peace today. Things can change even if the Abuser doesn’t. Take the first step. Break the silence. Tell someone you trust what is really going on behind that locked door. Get help today.



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