Starting Over

STARTING OVER:  DP Writing Challenge

(This was written when the kids and I were staying at a YWCA Shelter for Domestic Violence)


by Diana Rasmussen

We are the shelter women, running fast and far away,

For he’s stalking us again, and we are on the run.

We are starting over, trying not to live the past.

We come from every walk of life, every nation every tribe.

We carry around our stories, of how we almost died.

We know there is a God, Christ Jesus is His Name,

He protects and keeps our families, only now without a dad.

We move from town to town, as he stalks our every move,

Police, Court, and Restraining Orders, the truth we have to prove.

Yet one day Lord, and soon I hope, You promised we’d be free.

Can we come now? Just let us in, Eternity to see.

Where no more tears, and no more pain, will ever touch us there.

Hurry Lord, please save us now, before he finds us here.

(If you, or someone you know needs help, please visit the YWCA)


Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and a Certified Peer Specialist. At her blog Prayers and Promises she shares from her heart on how to find hope in this crazy world!

2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. The Door is always open and Jesus is there to welcome you. Very touching, Diana. God Bless you.

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