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Father’s Day Forgiveness

Fathers Day Forgiveness Daddy can I say We haven’t always Seen eye to eye Yet I understand Your reasons why Despite the things that came our way I want to say I love you and Forgive you Anyway You did the best You could with what You had and I Honor you on This special…

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God is Not a Deadbeat Dad

God is NOT a deadbeat dad. With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce these days there is a lot of child support being collected – or not. I am one of those statistics. I have four kids from two different dads. With the first two I paid child support – for 16 years. Every…

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Father to the Fatherless

FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS Copyright 2013 Diana Rasmussen You’re Father to the fatherless. and Healer of my brokenness. You’re the Husband to the Abandoned One. You are the Righteous One I love. * You’re the Keeper of my inner peace You are the Sustainer of the Universe. You’re my Protection from the Evil One. You…

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