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Agony in the Garden

Gethsemane – what does that mean?

Gethsemane is a corruption into English of two Hebrew words GAT and SHMANIM. It is taken to mean “the place where olive oil is pressed”.

Now, here is a further insight into the Hebrew words GAT and SHMANIM.

GAT, as a Hebrew word by itself (Hebrew: gimel, tav), means a winepress.

SHMANIN means oils, and is the plural of the Hebrew word SHEMEN, for oil.

A literal translation of GAT SHMANIM would be “winepress of oils”.

Agony in the Garden

Copyright 2013 By Diana Rasmussen
At the foot of the Mountain of Olives
In the corner of the Garden
The Son of Man lies crumpled and torn.
In a body to be battered and scorned.
His soul is full of troubles,
His life draws near to the grave.
The terror of death assaults Him
As His sweat turns into blood.
Agony in the garden,
Crushed by sorrow and distress.
He is poured out like water,
His heart melts like wax.
His heart is in anguish.
Terrors of death have fallen.
Floods of destruction sweep over.
Anguish of the grave comes over Him.
He treads the wine-press alone.
The precious oil is poured out.
Jesus is pressed and crushed.
All for the sins of men.