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Love Boldly Poems for National Poetry Month

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Here is a collection of some of my favorite Love Poems. I have assembled this for Proflowers and National Poetry Month. Head on over to Proflowers and their #Love Boldly Campaign and buy your muse a beautiful bouquet today! I dedicate all these poems to my husband, Bob Rasmussen. He is the reason I have learned to love again despite all the heartache I have been through. God restores all things – even love!


Here is the invitation I received from Proflowers:

With August being National Romance Month ( and Poet’s Day being celebrated this year on August 21st, we’re reaching out to some of our favorite literary bloggers for our upcoming Poet’s Day campaign.

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©2013 Diana Rasmussen

I see the ocean in your eyes
years of laughter and surprise
Waves of sorrow, tides of tears
Being together all these years

The moon sparkles on the water
Reflects my devotion always
Our love is tried and true
Time is still when I’m with you

Did I tell you I love you today?
I thought I would ask and say
Like the waves on the shore
Can I tell you once more
I love you today
and forever more

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©2015 Diana Rasmussen

Like a dark Merlot

My love for you flows

Passion waiting to explode

In your arms again

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Created to be Loved

©2015 Diana Rasmussen

The Creator of the universe
is the creator of your life
He paints His grace and mercy
on the canvas of your face

He molds you and He makes you
into the masterpiece we see
You are created with the love of God
His breath’s inside of you

You are created to be loved
endowed with power from above
What a marvelous display
to be captured by His grace

He’s the Lord of all creation
as you look upon His face
Rest in His forgiveness
You’re created to be loved



(All images from and their #Love Boldly Campaign.)

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