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God Interrupted

I have a friend in the Hospital. The Drs are doing test after test trying to figure out what is going on. God knows. The Lord has gone before and prepared the Way. I know that God heals and SUDDENLY!

Suddenly, God will interrupt our lives with a miracle.

That’s what He does. He is the God of Miracles! Miracles, signs and wonders follow those who believe. We declare your Healing in our friend Lord, In Jesus Name!

Remember that movie “Girl Interrupted”?

I declare a “GOD INTERRUPTED” over your life.

Sickness must leave in Jesus Name. Poverty needs to leave in Jesus Name. Infirmity needs to leave in Jesus Name. Victimization needs to leave in Jesus Name. We are conquerors in this life and the next. Greater is He who lives in us than he who lives in the world.

We were born to overcome!

All these things must bow to the Name of Jesus like everything else in this World.

Let it be so according to your Word Lord, in Jesus Name!

God’s Word on SUDDENLY



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