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Sweet Sixteen and Rose-Colored Glasses


When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

16? That seems like a lifetime ago. No, I am not as old as dirt (yet), just somewhere in between 16 and dirt!  Lets see, that would be a sophomore in High School.  Hmmmm. Classes then were things like Biology, Choir, and Algebra.  Oh yeah, and then Theatre. I loved being in plays – I could be someone else!  Yep, even then couldn’t wait to get out.

As far as what I wanted from life then, finish High School, go to college, and NEVER get married!  Life at home was a bit of a battle zone.  I never wanted any man telling me what to do.  Guess I was a little independent, as they say.

So, rose-colored glasses?….lets just say I was naive.  You really don’t learn a lot of life skills when you are playing mediator.

I thought once I moved out I would never go back… nope

I thought I would find someone who would love me and never leave me… nope

I thought I would never fight with my husband, well if I decided to get one…nope

I wanted the white picket fence… nope

Is it a good thing?  Yes.  I had no idea how to be a grown up. My expectations were unrealistic, they were based on fiction.  I just knew what to do to appease the masses, as they say.  I was a great chameleon.  Anything to avoid an argument.  I hated confrontation.  I would run.  Well, not really run. We had horses growing up, so I would get on my horse and ride away into the sunset.  Guess I’m still a romantic at heart!

Hey, got my fence!

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