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I was having fun today on my day off, until I downloaded a program and gave my computer a virus.  UGGGGGH!  I had a new toolbar, the internet was opening to a strange page, and I couldn’t upload to SoundCloud.  I hate when that happens!  I tried running the anti-virus program and the malware program and CC Cleaner even.  But it kept coming back.  Dang it! (well ok, that’s not what I said!)

Good thing my husband is a Computer King.  He came home and killed it! He knows how to go into the registry, and all those other secret places that computers have.  It is amazing to watch, he just goes from screen to screen killing bugs!  Thank you Bob, you saved my day!  Yipee!  I can play again!

In honor of computer fun, I wrote a song a while back about this.  I have a strange sense of humor sometimes…

Just for fun…


© 2102 Diana Rasmussen

I’m turning off the tv, silencing my phone,
Putting away the game controller.
I’m turning off the tablet, and my mp3’s,
Here comes my anxiety!
God,You call me to come away with you,
I only have one question,
Do you have Internet?
I have to be connected,
I have alot of friends,
I only have one question,
Is there cat 5 in heaven?
Secret things and mysteries, revealed in Your presence.
All my prayers are answered, when I seek Your face.
Peace that surpasses, all my understanding,
Floods over me when I rest under your wings
Ending (speak)
One more question Lord..
Do I need a laptop?
Should I bring my phone up there?
How fast is your network?
Where can I plug in?
Do you have enough batteries up there?
God, what’s your network password to get in?
Do You have a mac or a pc?
Are You on Facebook at all?
Will You friend me?
Do you tweet?
Are you an xbox guy or playstaion?
Just one more question, just one more question…

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