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Maybe My Faith is Bipolar


Faith. It’s one of those things we try to understand with these great brains of ours.  In our own wisdom we think we have it all figured out. Well, maybe it’s just me…

“Oh yeah, I believe You God. You can do all things. Nothing is impossible for you.” And then the storm comes. I confess, I’m just like the disciples on the boat. “Jesus get up and do something here!” Uggggh.

Some days I’m on fire for God and other days I’m just not. My feelings and emotions come and go like the wind. This being human stuff just isn’t always easy. I guess I am learning that my faith does not depend or rest on my feelings. I am learning to let my faith rest in God’s power, not my wisdom, or lack there of. And I’m ok with that. I’ll let God hold it up, not me.

Every test I learn more. Thank you Lord that You are faithful and patient with me everyday. Thank you Lord for your mercy that is new every morning. And thanks for the lesson – I need You Lord, everyday and every way.

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