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Hope Has No Expiration Date

I finally planted some roses this year. I had my stepmom and my daughter both give me a pink rose bush for Mothers Day. I planted them both side by side in my front yard.

They bloomed beautifully all summer and then fall came here in Wisconsin. We have had had two frosts in the last two weeks. I looked at my rose bushes yesterday and there was still a new rose starting to bloom! It proved to me that Hope has no expiration date. I can hope and have faith for anything God desires. I can have faith to believe in that hope, because Jesus is the same yesterday, and today. 

That poor little rose had to break through the dirt, grow in the sunlight, and bloom in the frost! And I thought I had it bad. Anyway, that rose got me to thinking…

What would happen if I applied those questions to my life?

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