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Hold On

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Here is a great video and song by 3 of my friends from Broadjam: Dianne MacAdam, Nathaniel Jones, and Peter Olach (their links are below)  – Awesome song and video! I need to remember this – HOLD ON!


I’m tired of pulling weeds
I’ve been here on my knees
But they keep coming back (they keep coming back)

No matter how I try
To light my darkened sky
It always turns to black (it always turns to black)

I need to get away
From all these debts to pay
I’m living in the red (so tired of this debt)

Fingers about to break
Can’t seem to cure this ache
I’m clinging to the ledge (don’t know if I can)

It’s all I can do
To Hold On

And I can hear the train
Making its way again
Somehow the steel on steel (sounds like a promise)

I climb on board the car
Nothing but my guitar
And try to lose the fear (and leave the darkness)

I’m leaving all I know
I’m going with the flow
And pray my soul’s fulfilled (I’m leaving all I know)

The only way to see
If this is right for me
Is to leave the status quo (I’m leaving all I know)

It’s all I can do
To Hold On

You’re battered, bruised and scarred
This life can be so hard
You must remember Who You Are

Take the time to breathe
The water will recede and
Find a way to stop the bleeding
Hold On
Hold on

Lyric Credits: Dianne MacAdam
Music Credits: Nathaniel Jones / Protilius Productions
Producer Credits: N. Jones / Protilius Productions Recorded at Sound Mind Studios – John DiSanto / Engineered by N. Jones
Performance Credits: N. Jones / Dianne MacAdam

Video Credits: Video by Peter Olach, PGO Multimedia Song produced by Nathaniel Jones, Protilius Productions

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