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What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?
I never really thought about this before.  So I had to think about what I was thinking about when I click that ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button.  Does that make sense? I follow a lot of blogs, and I like a lot of posts.  And then there are some that I don’t even finish reading.  So, here’s my list, take it or leave it, I love you all just the same…
Don’t hide from me, tell me what you are feeling.  I am probably or have probably felt that way too.  I don’t like ‘tell me’ blogs, I like ‘show me’ blogs.  No one likes to be told what to do. You know, the ones you read that say, do this or else… Self righteous people are a turn off.  I want to just say to them, “It’s not all about you.”  And we all have heartbreaks, heartaches…will you share yours?  What helped you heal? What do you do with the yucky part?
Quest for truth
What is real? What is not? What are you looking for? Why?  I am a seeker too, maybe we can go on this journey together.  What have you learned on your journey so far?
You can tell when someone is prideful or arrogant, it shows in their words.  Humbleness is attractive, and inviting.  Will you just be yourself? Or are you pretending to be someone else?
I struggle with things, we all do.  None of us can do everything right.  But are you brave enough to share your struggles with us? Will you share where you have failed? or where you are seeking to improve?  To me, that is courage.
Will you let us see the real you? Will you allow your heart to be exposed?  Will you admit that sometimes you don’t have all the answers? Will you share your pain as well as your pleasure?
What is going well with you?  What are some positive things that you have had victory over? Is it always a ‘poor me’ attitude? When you share a story of victory it gives me hope that I will have victory in my life too.  I admit, sometimes when I am down I need to read about someone who has had a victory.  I want a hero, something to hold onto when I am fumbling around in the dark.


What spirit are you feeding?  I admit, sometimes I read these blogs to help me heal.  Will you point me to hope or to hopelessness?  This is not a one time post, we all have down days. But what direction are you going with your blog? What do you see as its purpose?
Are you respectful to your readers? Or do you insult them? Are you looking for an argument? If we disagree on a subject, how do you respond?  Disrespectful people are just not fun to be around.  We all have value, whether we agree with each other or not.
Love, not infatuation or sex, but love.  Will you keep telling your story? Why do you tell your story? Will you allow us to sit beside you on the journey?  Are you patient, kind, long-suffering with us? Do you respond to our comments? Do we matter to you?  Who are you serving?


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  1. Thanks for the input. I hadn’t really considered this before. One thing I’d add is short paragraphs. There’s nothing more daunting than a large block of print to try to wade through. It’s not in keeping with what you’ve said here, though, and wouldn’t have fit very well. Yet, it’s the thing that makes me click off a page faster than anything!


      • It is not such a good day today, but God’s peace is always with me. Thank you – God bless you!

        • Mat the God of all comfort surround you and hold you today. The first holidays are the hardest Patty. I understand. I lost my mom and mother-in-law in one year. I boycotted Mother’s Day. Tomorrow will be better – promise. Love you sis, Diana

        • With brothers and sisters in Christ in my life all my tomorrows will get better and better.

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