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My name is Diana, and I’d like to welcome you here.   I appreciate you stopping by today.  I am a Faith Builder in the Kingdom.  I usually write about what is on my heart for the day. My posts might include thoughts on Spirituality, Health, Healing, and Recovery from Depression and Domestic Violence. I write from my heart, some good things, and some not so good. I’m still human I guess!

I pray that you would find hope and peace in  my blog and believe in yourself and God along the way.

Part of Diana’s Story:

“I have lived in abuse, years upon years, relationship upon relationship. I have been married – more than once, and I have been divorced – more than once- to abusive men. I have been to the shelters, time and again. I have had restraining orders, had them broken, and called the police again. I have been to court more times that I can count. I have fought for my children and their rights for child support. I have lived through suicide attempts and thank you Lord, I did not succeed. I have been to the Mental Health Ward – more than once. I have gone to the counselors, taken the “happy pills” and lived in ‘la-la land” for months at a time. I have been treated for depression and at one time in my life , I did not get out of bed for 6 months.

I have laughed, I have cried, I have believed, and I have doubted. But through it all, God has been faithful. He has made a way for me and my children where there was no way. He has protected me and my children supernaturally, more than once. He has provided for us faithfully – oh the stories I could tell! He has restored my peace of mind. I am no longer taking any ‘happy pills’! I do not hear “the voices” in my head that used to scream things at me, or whisper and laugh at me. I do not live in the land of shame and guilt anymore, I have changed addresses!

I am not that same person. I have lived free from fear and abuse for the last 12 years, and today I can say, because of Christ – I am free! Thank you Jesus! A few years back God even blessed me with a Godly husband, one who encourages and supports me . We play praise music together every week at Church! It is rather healthy I have to say, and I am forever grateful. But I had to learn what healthy relationships were. And I had to learn to establish boundaries in my life.

Today, I do not live in fear. Today I am not a victim of abuse, I am a beloved daughter of the King. I am life that God touched, rescued, and changed. I know that God exists, He saved my soul from the pit, He protected me and my children, and I know He will do it for you too!”

My Purpose – To overcome adversity, thrive, and live an abundant life

My Mission – To encourage and teach others how to rise above their circumstances, enlarge their vision, and soar to new heights with God

My Calling – To use words and music to find and share hope is this crazy world

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