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My name is Diana, and I’d like to welcome you here.   I appreciate you stopping by today.  I am a Faith Builder in the Kingdom.  I usually write about what is on my heart for the day. My posts might include thoughts on Spirituality, Health, Healing, and Recovery from Depression and Domestic Violence. I write from my heart, some good things, and some not so good. I’m still human I guess!


I pray that you would find hope and peace in  my blog and believe in yourself and God along the way.

Part of Diana’s Story:

“I have lived in abuse, years upon years, relationship upon relationship. I have been married – more than once, and I have been divorced – more than once- to abusive men. I have been to the shelters, time and again. I have had restraining orders, had them broken, and called the police again. I have been to court more times that I can count. I have fought for my children and their rights for child support. I have lived through suicide attempts and thank you Lord, I did not succeed. I have been to the Mental Health Ward – more than once. I have gone to the counselors, taken the “happy pills” and lived in ‘la-la land” for months at a time. I have been treated for depression and at one time in my life , I did not get out of bed for 6 months.

I have laughed, I have cried, I have believed, and I have doubted. But through it all, God has been faithful. He has made a way for me and my children where there was no way. He has protected me and my children supernaturally, more than once. He has provided for us faithfully – oh the stories I could tell! He has restored my peace of mind. I am no longer taking any ‘happy pills’! I do not hear “the voices” in my head that used to scream things at me, or whisper and laugh at me. I do not live in the land of shame and guilt anymore, I have changed addresses!

I am not that same person. I have lived free from fear and abuse for the last 12 years, and today I can say, because of Christ – I am free! Thank you Jesus! A few years back God even blessed me with a Godly husband, one who encourages and supports me . We play praise music together every week at Church! It is rather healthy I have to say, and I am forever grateful. But I had to learn what healthy relationships were. And I had to learn to establish boundaries in my life.

Today, I do not live in fear. Today I am not a victim of abuse, I am a beloved daughter of the King. I am life that God touched, rescued, and changed. I know that God exists, He saved my soul from the pit, He protected me and my children, and I know He will do it for you too!”

Prayers and Promises

My Purpose – To overcome adversity, thrive, and live an abundant life

My Mission – To encourage and teach others how to rise above their circumstances, enlarge their vision, and soar to new heights with God

My Calling – To use words and music to find and share hope is this crazy world

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  1. Looks like we have some past issues in common. may God continue to bless you!! You have an amazing testimony..

  2. Hi, Diana. I am pleased to meet you and I am so glad and thankful that you dropped by my blog and followed. I wish you well in your mission. God bless you. 🙂

  3. Princess, I’ve missed reading your blog and connecting with you via WordPress 🙂 Sometimes I get so lost in Facebook and miss a lot! Looking forward to getting caught up with you on here. I’ve missed you, Princess! Blessings!

  4. Dear Diana
    Thank you so much for following my blog. I am so honored. You have a great blog and I love it. I will follow you back. Thank you. Blessing to you.

      1. My Friend, We share a common bond…The love of Christ. In my poetry and song lyrics, God is always present. May God shine his blessings on you, Barb

    1. Thank you for sharing your story Heather, you are right, we do have a lot in common! God bless you!

    1. Thanks for thinking of me Coach, but I have gone award – free. Thank you anyway, and God bless you my friend!

    1. Thank you Jubilee, wanted it to be easier to read! I love your photography – instant vacation for me!

  5. Love what you are doing with your gifts and talents to bring glory to God!! He’s definately using you to further his kingdom!!! Many Blessings as He continues to use you, your blog and your ministry.

  6. Diana, thanks so much for your help with SoundCloud. I’m testing it today. I included a link to your blog by way of showing my gratitude. May the Lord continue to bless you as you so ably equip the saints to carry out the works that God has prepared for us to walk in!

    Love you!

  7. Hi Diana…….thanks for stopping by ‘Unwalled”……..I’m glad that “Fashion Distraction in the House of God” was a blessing to you……..may the Lord bless you as you use your blog to share the Light He has entrusted to you…..Shalom!…….Kim

    1. Thank you Cheryl, I appreciate your kindness and your encouragement. I truly never thought any of these stories or poems would come out. I am honored and blessed, thank you Jesus!

  8. Thank you for checking out my blog. I see we have similar life situations. It’s amazing to me the way God brings people together. I wish you all the best blessings in your living out the testimonies of what God has done in your life. As the Bible says in Revelation, “we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.” Amen!

    1. Thank you Laura, God is amazing, I agree! I love your by-line “Hope. Healing. Redemption. Nothing is impossible with God.” God bless you and enlarge your territory beautiful!

  9. Diana,

    I would like to feature your blog for June’s Share the Love. If this is ok with you, please let me know by emailing me at Also, please share with me your favorite post (or posts) for it, and anything else you would like to share with my readers. Hallelujah! I was wondering who the Lord would lead me to feature this time. 🙂

    Love you,

  10. I have to tell you that I LOVE your gravatar–it’s Blue, my fave color; and my failing vision has some lovely benefits, in that I thought it was a “Crown”! I realize now that it’s not–but it’s still wonderful! God bless you BIG, as He continues to pour Himself into you so that you can share and minister to others. As He strengthens those of us who were/are so wounded, we have much to offer–great testimonies to bring His Hope. love, sis Caddo

    1. Thank you so much Caddo-Jael, you are a treasure and a sparkling gem in His hands – priceless, beautiful, and worthy. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you!

  11. Nice to see you drop by my blog, I’m originally from Wisconsin, used to go to meetings in Janesville at a place called “The Barn” there is a chance we know some of the same people.

    1. We might, what a small world. I don’t think The Barn is still up, but I have heard great things about those times. God bless you brother!

  12. Hi Diana
    So glad you are part of the Napomo… enjoyed reading your poems and your bio
    Have a beautiful day!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and deciding to follow along! I consider it an honor to have you join me on my journey!
    I hope you have a great week!
    Thanks again – Becky

        1. You crack me up girl, giving me the Reality Award. There’s a post right there, what is reality? I’ve known many…thank you beautiful, I will get there!

        2. That is why you are the one of the best recipient for it, sweetie.

    1. Thank you Paul, you are so kind. I appreciate your nomination, and your friendship. God bless you brother!

  14. Hello Diana! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

    1. You and your blog are a wonderful blessing Pastor. I am grateful that God is taking back ALL lines of communication on the internet. I can’t tell you how many Christians I know who have now started blogging. Thank you Jesus! Peace and joy, Diana

      1. Thank you Diana! The internet is a wonderful tool for the Gospel of Christ. However, it is the Christian’s responsibility to take ownership of technology and use it for God’s Glory! When we do, we will see the “greater works” being done. May His best be yours!

  15. Hi Diana – I’ve nominated you for the Shine On Award, Beautiful Mama Blog Award, and Super Sweet Blogging Award. Please don’t feel pressured to accept any of them. I simply chose you because I felt that your blog was worthy of those awards. If you would like to accept any or all of the awards, you may do so by clicking onto this link:

    As I said before, please don’t feel any pressure to accept. I just wanted to bless you, because your blog blesses me.

    Much love,

  16. Hello and thank you for following me, I truly admire your honesty and I hope that blogging helps you as much as it helps me. 😉

    1. Yes, I never really thought of myself as a blogger. I am glad I was wrong, I am having a blast! Plus, I get to meet lots of great people like you! 😉

  17. Looks like you and I have an awful lot in common! I write to share the hope I have found after being launched on my own healing journey. Blessings to you as you share what God has done in your life!

  18. Good Morning, Diana. What an inspirational testimony. I am so glad you are following a God given calling. To read what you have gone through, it’s remarkable how you have risen and anointed by God. I feel humbled and blessed to be at your presence. Many blessings to you. Perpetua.

    1. Ohhhh stop, u are making me blush girl! God truly does light up the darkness, and you inspire me to keep going. Thank you, for your living testimony as well girl…

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