Surviving Domestic Violence

I was looking at old pictures the other day. Came accross the one I took after I left my ex and he smashed my window in my van. It wasn’t bad enough that he smashed it out, but he took the extra effort to bring some of the broken glass and put it right in front of my glass sliding door. Just so I would know he was there.

It’s been 10 years. I am so grateful that me and my kids are free and safe. I don’t miss the yelling, screaming, fighting, and violence. I treasure my peace today.

Want to see what it was like? Visit my link below and see some of my journal entries. Man, that was a lifetime ago. Thank you Lord for deliverance!

15 thoughts on “Surviving Domestic Violence”

  1. I’m glad you’re safe. Given my personal experience, I know this is not an easy thing to overcome. I’ve written a book of mine and my mother’s personal story to try to help those who may not have this kind of strength yet and are still struggling. It’s free to survivors, so please let me know if you would like a copy.

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  2. wow, this post really struck a chord with me. I decided after 12 years of domestic abuse (which resulted in me having to relocate with my children) to finally be brave enough to write about my experience in the hopes that it raises awareness.

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