DON’T jump on my porch!

Great post for when things don’t go as “planned”!

Ruined by Grace

Look, I have this porch. I built it myself. It’s right out my back door. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You can’t just WALK on MY porch. You think it’s just there for your jumping pleasures?

Does that sound crazy to you? It sounds crazy to me! But the crazier part is that we all actually act this way. What? I am not that insane, Sarah, how dare you accuse me of such madness!

No reason to get so flustered, just hear me out, or, I guess, read me out? Whatever. Pay attention. We claim to have this stuff called “hope,” “love,” “peace,” and “faith.” Right? You have that, right? Well, what happens when God wants to test this “stuff,” which you claim to have gained?

Like when an acquaintance needs help, but, I mean, they’re all the way across town and you don’t really have a lot of money right…

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