God Delights To Bless You

Praise God! Our Daddy is so amazing!

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I believe God is jumping over you, ’cause I believe, “This is it!”
“…Let the LORD be magnified,” who takes pleasure (jumps up and down over you) his servant (this is you) prospering. This is it! (Psalm 35:26)

He delights to bless you more than you want blessings. Note this: true prosperity is wherever you were lacking, you will not lack anymore.

God takes pleasure prospering his servant. To enjoy prosperity involves to thrive, to succeed, to flourish (to grow well), security; ease; peace; wealth; to have good success; family restoration, contentment, emotional wholeness, health, love, joy, peace of mind, a sense of well-being, spiritual sensitivity, an understanding of ourselves, etc.

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