Time Of Realignment And Change

Seasons of Change may come quickly. Pure Glory helps me see the bigger picture here.

Pure Glory

eagle-baby-in-nestby Hazel Straub

Has the pressure on you increased? Your way difficult and tempted to quit? Congratulations! God is preparing you for a promotion. The season has changed and the new is uncomfortable. This causes you to listen with an open heart and move in the direction that God directs. Old habits and ways of dealing with your circumstances do not work and it causes you to cry out to God, for relief and new strategies. This is your time of realignment, so you are in the right place, at the right time.

Eagles build nests for their young on high tree branches and on ridges. Although the parent eagles feed their young, when the fledglings get bigger feathers that make them capable of flying, they begin to venture from the nest. Eventually, the eaglets learn to fly and hunt on their own, learning from their parents. It is theā€¦

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