Breakthrough Of Mercy!

Meet Pure Glory – one of the best blogs ever on WordPress. I come here almost daily for God’s Word. And thank you Lord for Mercy!

Pure Glory

breakthrough-imgby Apostle Gabriel Cross

Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Great breakthroughs of your mercy. Mercy, mercy, mercy, breaks through. The Lord who is plenteous in mercy, bountiful in blessing, full of glory, full of grace, and is the Light in my darkness, breaks through for his forever cherished treasure (his people). Nothing will be impossible, there will be no limitations, there will be no lack or shortage but the super abundance supply of heaven’s Glory.

Lord have mercy on me for not believing in myself like you believe in me, like You believe in me. Lord forgive me for admiring, encouraging and cheering others, while forgetting to do so for myself. Lord I repent for not seeing the value, the royalty, the deep treasures you’ve placed within me. Forgive me for shrinking and hiding behind others, when you were promoting and pushing me forward.

Lord, have mercy on me. Mercy on me. Mercy…

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