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One of best articles I’ve read about the calling of a Prophet.

Sound Of Heaven

Prophetic Encounters and Visions

I had the most unusual vision around 12 years ago during a conference at my church. It was the type of vision where your whole world disappears and you find yourself in another reality. Inside this vision, an angel came with a large scroll and a pen. I’m guessing the scroll to be four-feet wide and ten-feet long with writing on the front and back. I could not decipher the writing and there was a space at the bottom of the scroll waiting for a signature. I’m not sure how I knew, but in the vision I understood that I needed to sign the scroll. I also knew, by instinct, that I was signing on to my call as a prophet to the nations.

In the vision, the call to be a prophet was plain. In real life, I had never considered it before or even…

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