Just when you need it, Holy Spirit brings a breath of fresh air. Thank you Jesus!



The true path of Kingdom peace we now walk

Kingdom of mercy as a living revelation traveling through time,

Gone only once before with strides of power and authority

The Ancient One, mighty Anointed One, King Eternal

Absolute, triumphant in obedience,

Faithful love, eternal conqueror of death.

Honesty looks completely into our eyes

Pierces the soul

Floods the spirit, nothing left hidden,

Everything put on open display in every realm;

Truth exulted in such a humble way

Meant for little children to grasp in their innocence

To hold tightly with tiny hands

Ones that eagerly clutch onto toys

And small blankets in the night,

Who hold cookies and treats with flashes of pure joy,

Who hold on tightly with a trust lost by nearly every adult,

Discovered once again by sadly only a few.

A woman, a mother, walks in quiet confidence

Lasting beauty at rest within

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