Free From Men’s Expectations

“There is a deeper passion, a more quiet trust, and sweeter peace I’m placing within, I give you an expected end that what’s to come, is better than what has been. I break the bands of wickedness and the burdens that have held you back, I release on you the harvest of prosperity that will choke out the weeds of lack”

I love – check out Apostle Gabriel Cross for yourself from Crown of Glory International Ministries, Fairbanks, Alaska. There is always a great Word from the Lord for us…

(click on link below for the rest of this blessing:)

via Free From Men’s Expectations.


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Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and Customer Service Rep
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4 Responses to Free From Men’s Expectations

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  2. Thank you! A very beautiful meaningful wish. 🙂


  3. Morgan says:

    Marvelous Post and a truly Beautiful Image. 🙂


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