Cry in the Rain

Cry in the Rain

(Dedicated to Mel)

©2013 Diana Rasmussen



The lightning flashed
and thunder cracked
The day you died
the sky turned black

I cry in the rain
I scream in the thunder
Let go of the pain
before I go under

my heart withdrawn
trying to hold on
one day you’re here
next day you’re gone

Tears fall from my eyes
I never got to say goodbye

About dianarasmussen

Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and Customer Service Rep
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21 Responses to Cry in the Rain

  1. Kev says:



  2. PookyH says:

    This is deeply moving.

    Thank you for finding me and enabling me to find you and your beautiful, difficult, words. X


  3. secretangel says:

    Absolutely beautiful sis… The heartfelt pain in the words and the picture. Bless you!!


  4. I can really relate to this one. My son was taken to heaven Sept. 24th, 2011. Thanks for posting, this is beautiful.


  5. The impact of the pain of loss is dripping inside this piece. I loved it immensely. Nice work!


    • Thank you Chris – you are a master at sharing the Word through poetry – love your journey!


      • Diana,
        I try so very hard to be true to the great calling that God has placed upon my life. I don’t do this to get rich; in fact the blog costs me money, time, rest that I need to heal my very broken body, and other sacrifices as well. But, I will continue to make each step appointed by God because He has been so faithful to me! No longer will I listen to the lies that say: “Your too broken, too tired, too confused, and have too troubled of a past to be used of God.” I will proclaim His greatness at all costs.
        Thank you Diana for your encouragement. A poet needs to hear this from time to time; to remember that what they do does have impact and worth.
        May God richly bless your day today in everything you do. Walk in that VICTORY!! Amen.


  6. Lori Lara says:

    Very, very powerful. The pain is shared. Thank you.


  7. This is sad and bittersweet! I pray for your peace and comfort!


  8. godtisx says:

    I am really sorry for your loss Diana. God keep you, bless the person who passed on…


    • Thank you Godtisk. It has been a few years, but this picture reminded me of how I felt. And I still miss her. She has a beautiful daughter who is friends with my daughter. Mel is dancing with Jesus now. And her love lives on in her beautiful daughter. Love never dies…


      • godtisx says:

        Diana, that is lovely that you remember your friend. Who she is lives in your heart and all who loved her, especially her daughter. And you are right she is in his company now *points upwards.*

        Love never dies… 🙂


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