Prayers and Promises

Finding Hope in This Crazy World


  1. godtisx

    Reblogged this on Archaic Sugar and commented:
    This message has been coming back to me over and over from different directions. But I think I prefer to make a film at some point, instead of speaking or blogging it. My nine lives of mistakes is still pretty embarrassing-devastating-shocking but I think everyone should share past mistakes if the wisdom has a chance of being understood.


    • dianarasmussen

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Yet, I look at my past more like building blocks, not mistakes – it got me here. I learned along the way, and have forgiven myself and others, it has been quite an adventure! I mean really, truth is stranger than fiction! You can’t make this stuff up! And we made it, thank you Jesus! We know there is a God – we are still here!


      • godtisx

        Absolutely. But I didn’t listen, I knew they were wrong turns so much, but was stubborn, hard-headed and arrogant. And though I have forgiven myself, I believe they were mistakes b/c I was mistaken. I thought the wrong turns were no big deal, and life has proved they were huge. And a big deal, to my life and the lives of others. So for me, I must call them what they are (some specific incidents). But you are right in that – you can’t make this stuff up!!!!


        I was a knucklehead. Anyway we are still here and must be grateful and humble around it (I am). Because you’re right in that, it could have gone another way, several times! 🙂

        So, God is good. 🙂 And prayers – work. Even ones, others pray for you, amazingly.



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