Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be

Another courageous Lioness…

Picking Up the Pieces

The heart of a woman is a mysterious place.  Far into the deepest recesses our love lies in wait of the one who can awaken us to the warmth of companionship, intimacy, and trust.  We are emotional creatures who can withhold some from all and yet with reckless abandon, give all to one, baring our faults as honestly as our strengths.    You cannot measure the value of the gift of our love, or of the moment we realize a fire has been kindled for you and we are so overjoyed we want to share that light with the world.

rainbow-water-ripple,1440x900,52243This is not what happened to me, to us, rather.  I cannot say what really did happen with unbiased lips, because the baggage of destruction now weighs me down.  You were brilliantly afire yet cold and distracted all at once, but you feigned it well.  And I fell for it all, like a rock that…

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