Domestic Violence Emergency Checklist

One of the best Posts I’ve read on how to escape from Domestic Violence…

Purposefully Scarred

Perhaps you are making plans to leave a domestic violence situation. Or maybe you suspect that a quick escape will be necessary in the future. In the heat of the moment, your number one priority is your safety and the safety of your children. You won’t be thinking as you rush out the door, “What legal documents will I need if I report this to the police?” It’s not uncommon for people leaving a domestic violence situation to have few, if any, personal belongings with them when they arrive at a safe house or refuge.

Making a safety plan is incredibly important. Planning ahead can ease the level of stress and will likely increase your safety during and after your departure.

Basic things which could increase your safety (and the safety of your children) while you are still living in a violent environment include*:

  • Identify your partner’s use and level…

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