Amazing testimony of prayer, healing, and Jesus. Thank you Lord for Godly Doctors who know the Great Physician!


I had an awesome encounter yesterday.
I am quitting going to my usual doctors for a while because I want to try something new. I take meracaptapurine everyday for Crohn’s disease. I really don’t like this medication at all. If you want to understand why, just research it on the Internet. So I have gone to a doctor called Dr. Brahman twice this week.
The first appointment this week he read all the issues that are going wrong in my body. The only two healthy things were my stomach and heart. Praise Jesus that those are healthy! Two healthy things are way better than none.
He then adjusted my cranium and sacrum.
I went home and from Tuesday to Friday I had NO stomach aches. I have never gone that long before without one. It makes me so grateful for God-fearing and Holy Spirit-abiding doctors.
He told me that he…

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2 thoughts on “Connections”

    1. I am humbled and blessed by all of you today. I agree, my faith meter is certainly going up, up, up with everyone’s experiences, words, prayers, and testimonies. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! \o/


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