Church Members Share Miracle Stories After Sermons on Healing

More awesome testimonies about Healings!

Power and Praise Worship Center Hazel Park, MI

By Jessica Martinez , CP Contributor
July 3, 2013|5:53 pm

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash., sparked an outpouring of testimonies from members of his congregation about their experience with miraculous healing after he delivered a sermon this past Sunday based on Acts 3 about the story of a man lame from birth who was healed by the Apostle Peter through the power of Jesus Christ.

Out of the touching testimonies Mars Hill posted on Monday on its website, Driscoll told The Christian Post that his favorite testimony was that of Chelsea, a church member who had trichotillomania, an impulsive disorder that causes her to pull out her hair. “The depressed young single mother who had gotten to the point of being suicidal. After hearing a sermon she turned to Jesus, was healed from that torment, baptized, and is walking with Jesus today.” He added,”The photo of…

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