A Good Friend

There is nothing like good friends…Heidi captures it perfectly!

Wings of the Dawn

I couldn’t wait to put them in a vase. I had picked a few sprigs and blossoms in the field and mixed in ordinary weeds which had grown on the side of the path. A single coneflower, spiderworth, orange milkweed, and tickseed made a beautiful arrangement. I took a vase and filled it.

Just a few weeks prior, my dear friend gave this simple vase to me. We were cleaning her house for the last time before she moved. It was a busy, but sad morning. “Would you like this vase? If not, I will toss it.” The vase had missed making it into a box.

Now it is sitting on my table. I am remembering my sweet friend and what it means to be one. I think a good friend is much like a vase.

A good friend
is a vessel that helps us display the gifts God has…

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