Sing to the Bride! (Love Songs, Part 1)

His Banner over us is love, thank you Angel!


The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Jesus and the bride

“Sing to the Bride”…was  a prophetic word given to a worship leader this past weekend .

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9 thoughts on “Sing to the Bride! (Love Songs, Part 1)”

      1. That’s not fun!! I also can’t find a way on your new site to “follow”. It no longer shows up on my reader. I find you through your emails which I follow that way… Am I missing something?


  1. Diana, the original title to Come Away was To The Bride.The Lord gave me that entire song, harmonies, key, lyric and melodywithin about 10 minutes. It’s the one song that I’ve written that I won’t change. I believe it is a message to His people-The Bride—from Him. I wrote it in 1989, as I was recovering from pleurisy that left me withInsulin Dependent Diabetes. I had to learn how to live with the disease,before I could go back into Manhattan to work. The Lord used this time to bring me back to my senses and realizewhat relationship with Him meant. It’s been a steady, and sometimes slow, but never-ending walk toward Him eversince.


    Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2013 11:28:20 +0000 To:


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