Three Women Looking

Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank

Three people walk into a bar . . .
One drank to remember
Her love’s last embrace
One drank to forget
downed all her regrets
One drank to escape
painful shame erase
Hey Bartender,
can you pour one more round?
Pour me some mercy
Pour me some grace
Pour me some hope
To get out of this place
My cup is empty
I just want one more
Hey bartender,
can you pour one more round?
Just a question: 
If You are the Bartender with 3 Women sitting at the well
What would you pour them? Will you condemn them?
Or do something more? Give them Living Water?
Or let them just walk away?
Jesus answered, “If you knew the generosity of God and who I am, you would be asking me for a drink, and I would give you fresh, living water.”
 The woman said, “Sir, give me this water so I won’t ever get thirsty, won’t ever have to come back to this well again!” (John 4: 10,15 MSG)

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