My Someday is Finally Here!

My Someday is Finally Here!

© 2013 Diana Rasmussen

My someday is finally here
I forgot my past, I press on ahead
born for such a time as this


a change of heart, it’s only the start
of the goodness of God
that’s coming my way


No more running or hiding
I am more than surviving
God has supplied all that I need


No more whining or crying
God’s favor is on me
His grace makes me sing


No more losers, abusers
I am no longer a victim
The Mighty God has delivered me


No more cheaters or liars
I’m living in the truth
He gave me royal blood
No more fighting or strife
I’m resting in His peace
God’s calmed me in the storm


No more worries or anxiety
I trust in my God
He is faithful to the end


No more bondage or slavery
I am free in the King
An adopted child with inheritance


No more poverty or want
I am blessed beyond measure
The love of God changes everything


My someday is finally here!

Thank you for your support these past 30 days.  I think I made 28/30 poems, oh well, ce’ la vie! I really appreciate your reading all of this poetry! I don’t know how all of you poets do this everyday. I do  look forward to May 1st and normal Prayers and Promises format.  Thank you Jesus! (And thank you


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