Would You Love Them For Me Anyway?


Would You Love Them For Me Anyway?

© 2013 Diana Rasmussen

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As I sit and wonder,
what this thing of Love is.
And why it costs so much
just to give it away.

God gently reminds me.
it cost Him something too.
His Son Jesus Christ
died to save me from my sins.

As I look at those around me
full of anger, fear, and strife.
He asks me quite slowly
“Would you love them for Me, anyway?”

I say, “But God they don’t want it,
they run and they hide.
My love goes unanswered,
and so I ask why?”

He says it’s His job to change them,
Not mine as I thought.
My only task it’s quite clear,
is to love them, anyway.

He says once again with a smile on His face,
“Watch what I do with it,
this Love covered with Grace.
They can run but they can’t hide
from Me, I’m on the inside!”

So I resign my arguments,
give up my controlling behavior,
trusting Him to do it best.
And I’ll just love them, anyway.

For you see, that’s His child
buried deep in the mud.
And God lives inside of them,
even though they don’t know it yet.

I reach out my hand, help them up.
And show them how much
God loves them right where they are.
and I’ll love them, anyway.